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WC. November 14.

Went over to the Mayflower, Southampton, on Monday to see the new production of White Christmas, which had its world premiere at the venue several years ago. I did enjoy this one but it did fall short of the original production, which was truly sensational.

On Tuesday night I saw a stunning modern version of Romeo and juliet, staged by the Red Tie Theatre Company at the Quay Arts, Newport. This proved, yet again, how lucky we are to have so many brilliant young actors here on the Island. The 80s music was spot on and fitted superbly into the story.

I’m chasing one or two top interviews at present and am hopeful at least a couple will come off. All will be revealed when the interviews are safely in the can.

Thursday was quite eventful. I had two interviews in London – and one came off and the other didn’t happen. I was due to meet legendary actress Fenella Fielding in a small French cafe. When I arrived I soon realised it was not suitable for a radio recording. Fenella duly arrived expecting a chat for a newspaper or magazine. She didn’t know it was for the radio. It took her by surprise and we went outside to try and think of a plan. A nearby hotel and church were mentioned before we came upon the Tabard Theatre, Turnham Green, which is a part of a nearby pub. Luckily, Simon Reilly was going into the theatre and I asked if he might be able to help – and, of course, he recognised Fenella. He was most helpful and within less than five minutes we were in the theatre office and preparing to record our interview. How lucky was that! Simon was so helpful – and I hope to be going back to record one or two interviews there. Sometimes things are just meant to be. What of the other interview – with a famous current star? This is still likely to happen.