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I went to the Jubilee Celebration Gig in Northwood Park on Monday night, so well organised by IW Radio, and came away so impressed with The Bees and Level 42. Both bands contain such talented Island musicians and it could be a few of the new local acts on view might one day emulate some of them. The Bees play such a wide selection of music with effortless ease. Level 42 just got better and better – once the early sound problems had quickly been sorted out. They were in unstoppable form and the hits just kept coming.

Went to see Oklahoma at Shanklin Theatre, a show produced by the Ventnor Theatre Group. It was an enjoyable evening with several good performances from the principal cast and supporting players. At three hours it was much too long and why did they find the need for two overtures? I will take a packed supper next time!!!

Went to Steel Magnolias at the Mayflower, Southampton, on Thursday night and loved it. The whole cast of six were so good and we popped around backstage to see Denise Welch for a few minutes after the show. It was a rough night in the Solent and Denise sent me a text to see if ‘Titanic’ had made Cowes ok. What a lovely lady and we met her new boyfriend – and he’s such a nice guy.

It seems I was lucky to have missed all the BBC TV coverage of the Jubilee Celebrations, judging by criticism from the press and public. By the way – who are Sophie Raworth, Matt Baker, Fearne Cotton and Tess Daly? I’ve never heard of any of them! Luckily, there have been so many legendary and talented presenters in my life time – and if they had egos they never showed.