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First week for some considerable time that I have not undertaken a radio interview. I did go and see last week’s guest, Matthew Kelly, in the brilliant play God of Carnage, at the Nuffield, Southampton. I loved it and all four actors were brilliant. I did actually interview two of my favourite people, Bob and Pam Everson, for the March edition of The Beacon. They are superb undertakers but, thankfully, have a great sense of fun away for the job.

The future of John Hannam Meets was, possibly, in doubt but I am glad to say that it seems assured for a while. Another two years, making it 25 non-stop years, would make me very happy.

Ended the week with my last panto of the season – the Wight Strollers Sleeping Beauty at Newport’s Medina Theatre – and there was one amazing performance that took everyone by surprise. Is this the hint of a Island Theatre Awards nomination?