I did a story for the County Press about Arreton drummer Dylan Amey (pictured) who is in a Brighton-based band called Stash. They had recorded a song they were not fully happy with it. They decided, in moments of boredom, to change the lyric of their song and call it Lockdown. Rather cleverly they have put it together on a video. Some parts were filmed in the empty streets of Brighton and Worthing and Dylan’s son filmed his dad drumming along in their back garden. The story is on the County Press website with a link to watch it on YouTube. Catchy old number, too.

I know very little about the stars and sky, other than what Frankie Howerd tried to teach me back in the early ’80s after we’d had a meal with him at the Culver Haven. That was gone 1am in the morning. Paul, my next door neighbour, recently told me about the International Space Station which can currently be seen every night until June 2. From our separate gardens we watched it the other night. The following night I went for a second look. It’s fascinating and is travelling at 17,000 mph around 250 miles up. It’s available to view as it travels west to east across the Island and beyond. It is only visible for around six minutes and you can get the times online. Normally it’s between 10pm and midnight.

I was watching an old New Tricks on Friday and got quite excited. It was a great episode and I suddenly realised I had interviewed seven of the cast. Once again, it reminded me just how lucky I have been in my 45 year career . They were Amanda Redman, Susan Jameson, Dennis Waterman, Robert Daws, Claudie Blakely, Chris Ellison and Anthony Calf.

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