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WC MAY 16.

I had a new album release sent to me featuring a new singer, to me, – Nigel H Seymour. I loved the album called Europe and have just nipped up to London to interview him – with great success. He grew up on a tiny island called Iona, off the Scottish coast – and he’s been to the Isle of Wight and really fell in love with it. He learn’t a lot about smugglers when he came here and is hopeful of coming back.

I arrived home to find the chance of interviewing an actor who was in The King’s Speech. Back in 1981, he was the star of a huge worldwide hit TV series. I am keen to follow this one up. I am also in for a world famous female singer who has become a real legend over the years and she sang and wrote the title track for a huge American western movie. I do so hope I will be lucky! There will be a few chasing her.

I have just interviewed one of the stars from the record breaking movie The King’s Speech – Anthony Andrews. He is starring in Bully Boys at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, until May 28. Many remember him for Danger UXB and, of course, Brideshead Revisited.

Joe Pasquale has just agreed to come back on John Hannam Meets later this year. I had the pleasure of knowing Joe long before he became a nationwide comedy star – and he really talks like that – on and off stage!!

Somehow I managed to undertake two appearances, within a mile of each other, on Friday night. I was honoured, as ever, to present the CAMRA Pub and Beer of the Year Awards. This year at the Traveller’s Joy at Northwood. They brought the time forward to 7-15pm to allow me do present these and then make my way to the WI Hall, near Northwood Garage, to talk to several local WI groups. I left the awards night at 7-40pm and was talking to the ladies groups at just after 7-45. There was a bonus at the end of my 60 minute talk – a cup of tea and lovely WI cakes.