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WC MAY 30.

It seems as if it’s going to be an interesting week. I had a call on Tuesday to ask if I would like to open a new Island supermarket in Newport. I was very flattered and have said yes. Who ever thought this might happen!!!

Some fascinating interviews are being talked about. One is with a great broadcasting mogul. I will have to be on my best behaviour.

I have had a good response to my 2-hour Jet Harris Celebration radio show. A brilliant Saturday write-up in the Southampton Daily Echo also helped attract more mainland listeners.

I was ten minutes into the Swansea v Reading football match when my phone rang. I picked it up and it was a call from an original American rock ‘n’ roll star Charlie Gracie, who was making records before Elvis. He is such a gent and has been on my radio show on several occasions. With Charlie ringing from the States it was a pleasure to miss some of the match. We are great mates.

I was sad to read about the death of the lovely Janet Brown. I got to know her well doing her two summer seasons here on the Island. She came and did a lovely live interview on my radio show in September 1994. I hope to replay it on Sunday June 12 as a part of my radio show, as a celebration of her life.

Since I can remember, I have admired the famous Grade family, who comprised Lew and Leslie Grade and Bernard Delfont. They were British showbiz for so many years, when we had real stars. I was so thrilled to meet Lord Michael Grade, Leslie’s son, in his beloved Yarmouth, on Friday. A couple of hours before he opened the Old Gaffers Festival, I recorded an in-depth interview with Lord Grade at the very hospitable Royal Solent Yacht Club. It’s a fascinating story from the greatest television mogul of all time. As an agent, he also helped discover numerous stars. He’s coming soon to John Hannam Meets.

Ended the week with a visit to Shanklin Theatre to see The Troggs, Animals and Steve Ellis. Had a great chat with Reg Presley, we are old friends, before the sound check and he had flown back from Spain just for the gig. The sound balance for the fist half was so good but for the Troggs it was all over the place, which did Reg no favours at all.