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Nipped off to Rowlands Castle on Monday to catch up with Charles Collingwood and Judy Bennett – who are known to millions as Brian and Shula from The Archers. Their lovely home could well be in Ambridge – but they are married to different people in the radio soap. They are heading for The Priory Bay Hotel, Seaview, on Saturday October 8, to be guests at a special dinner to celebrate Charles’ book, Brian amd Me. He will give one of his excellent post-dinner talks and questions and answers.

Things did not quite go to plan at the Mayflower stage door as the company manager of Rhinestone Mondays did not come to collect either me or a guy from another radio station to record our arranged interviews. When I evenually got into the dressing room, thanks to stage door keeper Harry, to interview H and Faye Tozer from Steps, they could only spare me around five minutes as they had an on-stage warm-up. They were both so nice and embarrassed that I had been waiting for 30 minutes. Somehow, we managed ten minutes – and I think a phoned interview also planned for them may have been axed. I was so grateful to both of them.