Saw a brilliant show at the Mayflower, Southampton, on Tuesday night. Titanic – The Musical is a superb show and it’s simply one of the best I have seen for some time. It has a very talented cast, who all make an impact, and the singing is quite amazing. This is a must-see show and will remain with you for some time. It runs at the Mayflower until Saturday April 21. Then it goes on tour until late July. There were several outstanding performances, particularly from
Philip Rham, Kieron Brown and Claire Machin. It’s such a simple set but so effective and the use of the auditorium adds so much to this outstanding show. When they stand in the aisles and sing, a couple of feet away from you, it’s so emotional.

A kind of miracle happened on Friday, as I actually left the Island for a four-day break. I’ve never been known for my holidays. It was such a special weekend. Bertie and I headed for Chester and we stayed from the Friday night until the Monday morning. Caroline was due to be 40 on Tuesday April 24 and Bertie’s is on the same day. With Caroline currently head of wardrobe on Evita, we decided to drive up to Chester where they were for a week – before moving on to Bradford. We saw their brilliant show on Saturday afternoon. The morning was spent in the very vibrant Chester. The city was so busy and the atmosphere was just brilliant with people eating outside and the Morris dancers adding so much to the beautiful day. We spent the Sunday with Caroline. This was a day to remember, with a great walk around the city walls, an open top bus around the historic city, a fantastic falconry display in the cathedral grounds and in the evening I took both ladies for a great birthday meal.

Our stay at the Brookside Hotel in Chester was so enjoyable and it is highly recommended by us.

On the Monday morning Caroline headed for Bradford and we headed back to the Island, hoping to make the First Act show at Shanklin Theatre – which we did.

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